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Design Inception:
With any project the first step is to outline the scope of the project including the desired floor area, program of spaces along and a preliminary budget. For projects of all sizes, having a clear sense of the size, scale and use of the project will have a big impact on the success of the project. A survey of the property is required to evaluate zoning requirements.


Schematic Design:

Working closely with the client, floor plans, elevations and renderings are developed, this is when the project begins to take form.


Design Development:

This phase is just as it sounds, the development of the initial schematic design. Working closely with the client exterior details are developed, floor plans are massaged, lighting plans and interior elevations are developed, schedules and materials explored. In addition, exterior details and finishes are developed. Any consultants that may be required are engaged during this phase, interior decorators, structural engineer, potential contractors etc.


Construction Documents:

At this point the architectural drawings are very comprehensive so that a building permit can be pulled, and a contractor can price and build the project.


Construction Administration:

During the construction of the project the architect meets with the contractor and client once a week to review progress, go over schedules and resolve any issues that may have arisen. In addition, requisitions from the contractor are reviewed and approved by the architect.


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